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Why Are Liberal New Yorkers Trying To Grab Utah Lands?

Ultra-liberal New Yorker Maurice Hinchey, a political extremist in the U.S. Congress, wants the federal government to designate more than 9.5 million acres of land in Utah as "wilderness."  That would lock away these public lands from virtually any use by Utahns.  It will cost Utah taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue.  And it will force America to buy more of our energy from foreign dictators who hate America.  Why would Utah want to let New York politicians tell us what to do with our lands?  Learn more.

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Would These Terrorist-Supporting Dictators Vote For This Land Grab?

Almost certainly.  Why?  Because this land grab would hurt America's ability to produce American energy.  That means we will have to buy more foreign energy.  And that means that these monsters will get more of our energy dollars to fund terrorism against America.  Learn more.

Former SUWA Leaders Headed To Jail For Fraud.  Learn More Here.

Whose Side Are These People On?
It Sure Doesn't Seem To Be Utah's

SUWA, an ultra-liberal activist group in Utah, is trying to convince Utahns to allow the federal government to lock away public lands in Utah from multiple use by our citizens.

Why would a group that says it cares about Utah do the bidding of liberal New York politicians in order to deprive Utahns of access to public lands in our state?

That's a good question.  Maybe it's because SUWA gets a lot of money from liberal East Coast foundations and other extremists who don't like much of what America stands for.  Who don't believe that Utahns are capable of helping to manage lands in our own state.  Who don't believe that economic growth is a good thing.

The policies these radicals push on Utah would drastically raise prices on Utahns, stifle economic growth, kill jobs and give the federal government a lot more power over our lives.  Do you support any of these outcomes?  Give us your opinion!.


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